Note from Paul Kozub at the V-One Headquarters in Hadley, Mass.

I started V-One with $6,000, a dream and the love of my deceased father in my heart. I wanted to start a business to honor my entrepreneurial father and make a Polish vodka to represent our family’s heritage. In August 2005, I saw the first printed bottle of V-One (this is the very first picture). I loved it, as it was the realization of more than two years of hard work. That feeling of accomplishment is as clear today as it was 14 years ago. Starting the business with only a few thousand dollars, I had to use an existing bottle shape, so I chose one similar to Chopin & Belvedere, brands I really admired.

Fourteen years later, I have learned so much not only about business, but also how consumers are influenced by the look and feel of packaging. With unlimited money, one can create any kind of packaging (initial estimates to create my own bottle started at $250,000). I had always wanted to create a unique design that reflected the DNA of V-One Vodka, but like everything I do, I knew this project would take more money than I had. Nonetheless, I felt it was time to not only have the finest craft vodka in the world, but also a bottle worthy of our clean ingredients.

We tested more than 20 versions in every shape and size with expert consultants from the United States, France and Poland, and in the end I decided this bottle was “THE ONE.”

First, the glass itself is perfectly clear & clean … like the vodka. Secondly, it is of significantly higher quality, and slightly heavier. Third, the neck is the perfect size to fit your hand around to pour. Fourth, the bottle is tall and elegant. Fifth, it is slightly wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, for a truly unique shape. Sixth, we have a wide base to provide stability. Seventh, we have gone back to natural cork imprinted with an image of spelt, emblematic of the fact we are still the world’s only 100% spelt vodka. Eighth, we have a high-quality organic paper label. And last but not least, my signature is engraved on the bottom of every bottle.

This is my assurance to you that every drop of V-One Vodka has been made not only with the finest spelt grain, but my love and passion as well.

Thank you so much for your continued support of V-One Vodka … Cheers & Na zdrowie!

Paul Kozub